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ECO7 Sn97/Ag3.5 FLUX


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Sn97-Ag3.5 is a high performance alloy composed of a lead-free
tin-silver alloy. This alloy has a moderately higher electrical and thermal conductivity than other alloys without silver. The composition of this alloy complies with ISO 9453: 2015 (703 alloy) and RoHS regulations. Alloy with flux core suitable for electronic wave and immersion soldering processes. ECO wires with lead-free flux are alloys made with high purity materials, reducing the formation of slag. Especially suitable for manual and automated soldering, for the assembly of surface mount components in the electronics industry. They guarantee a high degree of fluidity in the weld and an optimal joint. PRODUCT VALUE ADDED n High quality binary alloy for mechanical and electrical applications where lead-free materials are required. n Excellent reliability and solidity of the welded joint. n Excellent resistance to thermal and mechanical fatigue. n Very good wetting properties. AVAILABLE FORMATS Diameter: 0.35mm – 6mm Plastic spools of: n 100 g .: 30 units / box n 250 g .: 40 units / box n 500 g .: 20 units / box n 1 kg .: 10 units / box n 2 kg and 4 kg: On request                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ** Consult other formats.

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Soldering, Electronic, Hand & Robotic Soldering, Re-work


Sn96 Ag4

Flux Content


Lead Free


Flux nameClassification and regulation
B0.11.1.2.B (EN ISO 29454-1) / ROL1 (J-STD-004) EN 61190 1-3:2007
B0.21.1.3.B (EN ISO 29454-1) / ROLO (J-STD-004) EN 61190 1-3:2007
B1.11.2.2.B (EN ISO 29454-1) / REM1 (J-STD-004) EN 61190 1-3:2007
B1.21.2.3.B (EN ISO 29454-1) / REM0 (J-STD-004) EN 61190 1-3:2007
B2.11.1.2.B (EN ISO 29454-1) / ROM1 (J-STD-004) EN 61190 1-3:2007
B2.21.1.3.B (EN ISO 29454-1) / ROMO (J-STD-004) EN 61190 1-3:2007
B3.12.1.3.B (EN ISO 29454-1) / ORM1 (J-STD-004) EN 61190 1-3:2007
B3.23.1.1.B (EN ISO 29454-1) / INM1 (J-STD-004) EN 61190 1-3:2007
B4.11.2.2.B (EN ISO 29454-1) / REL1 (J-STD-004) EN 61190 1-3:2007
B4.21.2.3.B (EN ISO 29454-1) / REL0 (J-STD-004) EN 61190 1-3:2007