Backed by over 90 years of experience in the world of casting.

Our company’s priority is to meet the needs of our customers through ongoing research to improve our products. To this end, we have established strict quality controls in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

We use our laboratory to carry out new R+D+i projects and to ensure high-quality solders, chemicals and fluxes. We are fully committed to quality, innovation and customer service.


Our values have always been:


Fulfilling the commitments assumed and duties assigned.


A focus on the facts. Analysing and acting on the basis of information.


Acting and expressing feelings within the right framework.


Striving to introduce ideas that favour the company and its customers.


Capturing and understanding customers’ points of view.


For people, commitments, obligations, the environment etc.


Being able to work with customers to achieve shared goals.


Inspiring and serving as the leading manufacturer of non-ferrous alloys.

This has allowed us to secure customer loyalty and become leading producers in Spain and exporters to more than 40 countries.

Environmentally Friendly

We manage metals in a fair and responsible manner, striving to protect the environment and promote job safety at all times. It is our responsibility to use available resources carefully and in moderation.

For BROQUETAS S.L., environmental protection is a fundamental part of all areas of the company. It is the only way to achieve sustainable development for the benefit of all employees, customers and partners.

Through our R+D+i research, we develop solutions to eliminate, or at least minimise, hazardous substances from our products, as well as to limit the CO2 emissions we produce in our production process. In order to do this, we have the most modern particle filtering technology.