AENOR-certified products

BROFIL 3.5 Ag, BROFIL 4 Ag and BROFIL 5 Ag are our AENOR-certified alloys as per marks of conformity with the UNE-EN ISO 9453 standard (being the first Spanish manufacturer to obtain this) and in accordance with the AENOR special regulation on soft soldering filler metals used in drinking water equipment and facilities, heating and low pressure gas facilities.


Broquetas S.L. applies controls throughout the entire production process in our own laboratory.

  • Incoming raw materials controls: As part of the raw materials receipt procedure, an analysis of the materials is carried out in order to proceed to properly separate and store the materials and manage them in an optimal manner.
  • Production process controls: During the production process, we constantly sample the alloys in order to ensure their quality. At the end of the process, the customer is given a product analysis certifying 3.1 compliance with standards.

UNE-EN-ISO 9453 – Soft soldering filler materials

UNE-EN-ISO 17672 – Brazing filler metals

ASTM B32-08 – Standard specification for solder metal

ISO 4381 – Tin casting alloys for multilayer plain bearings

ASTM B-23 – Standard specification for white metal bearing alloys

IPC J-STD-004B – Standard that establishes general requirements for the classification and characteristics of fluxes for high quality solder interconnections

UNE-EN ISO 9454-1:2016 – Soft soldering fluxes

UNE-EN ISO 1045 – Brazing fluxes

  • Advisory services for customers: We conduct analyses of customer production samples in order to provide customers with guidance as to how to optimise their material and inform them of whether the results obtained are consistent with applicable regulations.

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